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Post: Baby Skin Care: Three Details To Do Well

Baby Skin Care: Three Details To Do Well

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Does baby skin care? When the seasons change, many new parents will suffer from various skin problems due to their baby’s delicate skin.

Some people think that babies don’t need skin care, as their skin is too fragile, and if they don’t do it properly, it will hurt the baby’s skin;

Some people also believe babies need more skincare to protect their delicate skin.

But in fact your baby’s skin is delicate; it should be taken care of more carefully! Especially in autumn and winter, the air will become drier and drier. If you don’t take good care of it, problems such as dryness and cracking may occur.

baby skin care

And compared to adults, babies’ skin is more prone to dryness.

The difference between babies who care for skin care and those who do not can be seen at a glance. Many netizens even joked: Improper skin care in childhood is equivalent to ruining your appearance! In the future, you will need to spend more time and energy on skincare to develop good skin.

Why is the baby’s skin drier?

First of all, the baby’s skin is thin. The smaller the baby, the less perfect the growth and development of the body. The stratum corneum, skin thickness, and moisturizing effect on the skin are better than those of adults. This also causes their skin to be relatively fragile. Once the outside air and environment change, their skin is susceptible to dehydration and becomes dry.

Secondly, the baby sweats a lot. Even babies at a young age, who only feed on milk most of the time, sweat more than adults. This is because babies’ metabolism is higher than that of adults, and the amount of sweat they sweat is naturally several times that of adults. The sweat contains salt, which will irritate the baby’s skin. Moreover, if the baby sweats a lot, the moisture in the body will also decrease relatively, and the skin will quickly become dehydrated.

sensitive baby skin

Finally, your baby’s skin barrier is immature. The younger the baby, the worse their skincare function is. Whether it is self-regulation ability or the ability to adapt to temperature differences, there needs to be more. Especially as the temperature continues to decrease, the capillaries in the skin will continue to shrink, and the skin’s ability to secrete oil will worsen.

Therefore, no matter what season, the baby’s skincare work must be arranged and put in place. Only careful parents can help their babies develop good skin and become more beautiful.

Baby skin care details

When it comes to skincare for your baby, you should pay attention to these details:

Detail 1: Water temperature is critical

Washing your baby’s face and hands daily is a compulsory course on raising a baby. You should also develop the habit of cleaning twice daily to prevent bacteria and stains from taking advantage of it. Since washing your face and hands, you must consider the water temperature. Many mothers think washing their babies with hot water is better, but this is not the case.

Under normal circumstances, it is best to keep the water temperature at 38℃ to 40℃, similar to the body temperature. There is no need to worry about high temperature scalding the baby, and there is no need to worry about low temperature irritating the baby. The important thing is that the water temperature in this range will allow the baby to adapt quickly and will not show any rebellious psychology or behavior. It also has a specific protective effect on the baby’s skin.

Baby wash temperature


Washing your face more often is not always better, especially when the weather is cold. Washing too often will wash away the protective oils on the baby’s surface, affecting the skin’s health.

Detail 2: Bathing is essential

Skin problems include not only facial skin but also skin in other parts of the body. Therefore, it will involve bathing issues that many mothers are concerned about. In the eyes of many mothers, How dirty can the baby be if he doesn’t do heavy work or go to filthy places? In addition, autumn and winter are cold, and you may catch a cold if you are not careful, so you rarely bathe your baby.

If you can’t wash it once daily, you should keep washing it 2-3 times weekly. After all, so many objects can keep you warm, so you don’t need to worry about your baby getting cold. Because if you don’t bathe for long, the skin’s surface will easily harbor dirt and evil practices, affecting your baby’s health.

A baby wrapped in a bath towel

① When taking a bath in spring and summer, tub bathing is the primary method;

②The bathing frequency should be kept 2-3 times a week. Of course, it should also be combined with the local weather conditions and the baby’s health;

③The water temperature for bathing should be around 40 to 42 degrees so the baby feels comfortable. If the water temperature is too high, it can easily cause dry skin in the baby;

④The time for bathing should not be too long; 10-15 minutes is enough.

⑤ There is no need to use too much shampoo, shower gel, etc., when taking a baby’s bath. For babies under one-month-old, wash with clean water. You must use safe and non-irritating baby products if you want to use it.


You can choose appropriate bath products to improve your skin condition when taking a bath. In addition, dry your skin quickly after bathing and apply moisturizing products.

Detail 3: Skin care products are essential

If you want your baby to avoid skin problems in autumn and winter, choose appropriate skin care products, such as lotions, facial creams, etc. Regarding the selection of skin care products, moisturizing and locking in moisture should be the main focus. As long as the moisturizing effect of skin care products is long enough, your baby can have supple skin all day. The ingredients of skin care products must, of course, be natural and healthy.

In any case, your baby’s skin is relatively fragile, and you should not use baby skin care products that contain too many additives or are too irritating. You can start with these details if you want to care for and moisturize your baby’s skin.

baby skincare scent


Scent is also an aspect of choosing skin care products. When choosing skincare products for your baby, use fragrance-free baby & kids skin care products. The lighter the flavor, the better.

Find Gentle, Effective Baby Skin Care

The plethora of options available to new parents may be debilitating. I go back to my own experience, which was difficult since I had to locate items that were appropriate for my infant after seeing terrible breakouts of eczema. The discovery has sparked the shift toward natural and hypoallergenic baby skincare products, that many conventional products contain potentially dangerous substances and artificial scents that can exacerbate skin problems.

Xiran Baby manufacturers harness the essence of nature’s best ingredients to care for your baby’s skin. Preserving our children from harsh irritants is at the heart of their devotion to gentle, effective skincare. Each product adheres to a gentle care approach, ensuring your baby’s skin receives the attention it needs.

Choose Xiran Baby for your baby’s skincare journey and experience nature’s abundance, caressing your child’s skin with the finest care.

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