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We have a professional team of 30 members who are all experienced professionals in the field of baby skin and hair care.Team members include chemical engineers,biologists,pharmacists,nutritionists and other experts in various fields.They work closely together to develop products. 

Xiran Lab Advantage

All the staff of the laboratory including the director of the research institute with more than 10 years of experience in cosmetics development, based on differentiated product development, continue to develop high-quality products, new material research and raw material development.

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By seeking eco-responsible synergies with our partners, by anticipating environmentaldevelopments and risks, and by measuring and reducing our environmental impact, we aremaking a strong commitment.

Advanced R&D equipment and laboratories

Our laboratory is equipped with the most advanced research and development equipment and laboratories, including chemical analysis instruments, microscopes, centrifuges,temperature and humidity control equipment,etc. These state-of-the-art facilities provide a high-quality research and development environment,supporting our teams in formulation design, ingredient analysis and product performance testing. We make sure to have the latest technology and equipment to stay at the forefront of research and development

Complete library of raw materials and ingredients

We have established a comprehensive library of raw materials and ingredients to ensure the timely availability of high-quality inputs. Working closely with reliable suppliers, we meticulously select raw materials that meet stringent quality standards. Through effective inventory management and meticulous supply chain control, we maintain product stability and consistency, guaranteeing the highest level of quality assurance.

Scientific R&D process and strict quality control

We adhere to a scientific and systematic R&D process and maintain a stringent quality control system. Our process encompasses formulation design, laboratory testing, clinical trials, and product validation, all following standardized operating procedures. Employing advanced quality control methods and testing techniques, we ensure that our products consistently meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Compliance and Security Awareness

We always prioritize compliance and safety as our foremost principle. We are well-versed in and strictly adhere to relevant regulations and standards, including baby product safety standards, cosmetics safety regulations, and more. Our products are formulated using safe and gentle ingredients, and undergo thorough safety assessments and testing to ensure they are harmless to the delicate skin and hair of babies

Innovation and continuous learning

We foster a culture of innovation and a commitment to continuous learning. We constantly strive for excellence and stay abreast of the latest advancements and technologies. Our team members are encouraged to participate in industry seminars and training sessions.enabling them to expand their horizons and stay updated with the latest professional knowledge. By maintaining a strong sense of innovation, we consistently enhance the quality and performance of our products.

In-depth market research and user demand analysis

We place great emphasis on market demand and consumer expectations, continuously enhancing and innovating our products through in-depth market research and analysis of user needs. We closely monitor industry dynamics and trends, attentively listen to consumer feedback and suggestions, in order to provide them with care products that truly cater to their requirements. We acknowledge that babies and children with different skin tones may possess distinct skin characteristics and needs. Hence, we prioritize the development of care products tailored to each skin tone, ensuring that we meet the unique requirements of every baby. By carefully selecting high-quality ingredients, employing scientific technology, and conducting rigorous clinical testing, we create exclusive skincare formulations designed specifically for babies and children of diverse skin colors.

Full Tests to Ensure Product Quality

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