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Custom Baby Care Product

Baby Product 
Containers Available

Baby Product Containers Available

We prioritize the importance of packaging in safeguarding the health and safety of babies. Our materials are both stylish and hygienic, ensuring a unique and distinct presentation that sets your product apart from competitors.

Design & Print Services

Label & Logo Design

Label Printing

Box Design & Sourcing

Product Photography

Our team of graphic designers is here to help you create the perfect look for your private label babycare line. From label layouts to complete product and box designs, we offer cost-effective assistance to bring your brand to market quickly and stylishly. Our environmentally friendly materials for infant and toddler skincare products are carefully chosen to meet regulatory standards. They are toxin-free, allergen-free, and designed with leak-proof features to ensure product safety. Choose our packaging to prioritize the health of infants and toddlers while minimizing environmental impact.

Customized Baby Care Packaging

We offer a one-stop solution for baby skincare product manufacturing, including customizedpackaging. Whether you need personalized designs, packaging colors, or sizes, we can meet your unique requirements and brand image. We carefully select environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable materials to minimize our impact on the environment. All chosen materials comply with relevant regulations and standards, and are free from toxic or allergenic substances. Our baby packaging features leak-proof designs, easy-to-use closuresand comfortable handles, providing convenience, practicality, and a pleasant user experience. Rest assured that you can entrust your ideas to us, and we will help you bring them to life.

Bottles Packaging

Bottles Packaging

Bottles Packaging

Wipes Packaging

Box Packaging

Box Packaging

Label & Box Design on 
Baby Care Containers

Label & Box Design on Baby Care Containers

As a private label baby care manufacturer, we provide customizable label and box designs forour stock formula products. Choose from our existing templates or provide your own design.We have reliable packaging partners for top-quality solutions.

Their quality is guaranteed, their coordination is perfect, and the production time is also very fast, greatly saving time.

What we provide

Packaging For 
Your Brand

Customize  Packaging For  Your Brand

Customized Product Packaging

Offering customized packaging materials for your baby care products, tailored to your specific needs and product characteristics. We carefully select the most suitable packaging materials, such as materials, shapes, and sizes, to ensure optimal safety, freshness, and sustainability for your products.

Design Labels

Our design team can assist you in creating design labels that effectively communicate your brand and product information to consumers. Design labels can include brand logos, product names, ingredients, usage instructions, and warning messages. We provide attractive designsand professional layouts based on vour requirements and brand image

Customized Product Boxes

Specializing in the creation of custom-designed packaging paper boxes for your products, our dedicated team is committed to assisting you in developing unique and visually appealing packaging solutions that align with your brand image and product specifications.

Packaging Film

Packaging film refers to a thin, flexible material used to wrap or cover products and plays an important role in product packaging, providing protection, convenience and visual appeal. Choosing the right packaging film depends on the nature of the product, desired presentation and sustainability goals.

Sealing sticker/sealing film

Sealing sticker or sealing film used to seal baby care products or outer packaging boxes to ensure the sealing and integrity of the product to prevent leakage or external contamination

Customised Shipping Boxes

Customized shipping boxes for your baby care product, which ensure optimal security and safety when shipping from our manufacturing facility to you or your retail locations.

Cosmetic packaging process

Cosmetic packaging process


Are you interested in Custom Formulation <br>but don’t know where to start?

Here are FAQs to help guide you through<br> the process:

Xiran Baby can assist you in obtaining a wide range of certifications, including but not limited to:
ISO Certification
Organic Certification
Vegan Certification
Cruelty-Free CertificationFDA Registration
Product Safety Assessment

Xiran Baby is an ISO 22716 certified cosmetic manufacturer with the facilities of:

Automatic tube filling machine

Automatic bottle filling line

Shrink wrapping machine

Bottle Labeling

Coding machine

Xiran Baby has experience of over a decade in cosmetic manufacturing. We have a huge potential and capabilities in formulating the products as per our client’s requirements. Some of our formulation capabilities are:

  • Over 3000 natural derived<br> skincare ingredients<br>
  • Team of highly trained and experienced chemists
  • State of the art research lab
  • Over 10000 stability tested stock formulation
  • Over 2000 skincare fragrance options to choose from

The custom formulation is the creation of a product made exclusively for your brand or company to your specifications. At Xiran Baby, our expert chemists will help you in choosing the right ingredients for your product formulations. It involves developing formulations from scratch or modifying existing formulas to achieve desired characteristics, such as texture, fragrance, and performance.

To get started with custom cosmetics formulation, you can leave your contact information through the contact form on our website or contact us directly online. We will gather information about your product vision, requirements, and any specific requests, Our team will then guide you through the formulation process and provide tailored solutions to meet your needs

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