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State-of-the-art production facilities to match all industry standards

Baby Care Product Contract Manufacturing

Baby Care Product 
Contract Manufacturing

We operate many production lines and maintain a level 100000 sterile clean production workshop. Our services include processing skincare products, essential oils, and washing products for babies, kids, and mothers. Compliant with GMPC and FDA international standards, accept third-party inspection and offer necessary certifications.

Our Manufacturing 

Our Manufacturing Facilities

  • Mixing Equipment: Used for blending and formulating products with raw materials, including mixers, blending tanks, homogenizers, etc.
  • Filling and Packaging Equipment: Used to fill products into packaging containers, such as automatic filling machines, injectors, labeling machines, packaging machines, etc.
  • Sterilization Equipment: Used for sterilizing products to ensure aseptic conditions. Common equipment includes high-pressure sterilizers, heat sterilizers, etc.
  • Testing and Analysis Equipment: Used for quality testing and analysis of products, including pH meters, viscosity meters, microbial testing equipment, chemical analyzers, etc.
  • Packaging Material Processing Equipment: Used for processing and handling packaging materials, such as roll cutting machines, heat sealing machines, labeling machines, etc.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Equipment: Used for cleaning and disinfecting production equipment and containers to maintain hygiene and product safety.

How Does it Works?

We offer the best from formulation <br>development to delivery


Acceptance of Raw Materials and Packaging:

  • Verify the accuracy and completeness of material orders 
  • Raw materials and packaging materials are thoroughly sterilized and temperature controlled 
  • Generate checklists for quality control teams to conduct rigorous inspections
  • Each material is assigned a unique barcode for tracking 
  • Use precision weighing systems to accurately measure raw materials 
  • The system is equipped with an alarm to suspend work due to weight differences


Microbiological Screening and Quality Inspection:

  • Inspecting raw materials for color, scent, and texture. 
  • Performing microorganism screenings to detect contamination. 
  • Conducting water content, viscosity, and vibration tests.


Mixing and Filling: 

  • After the materials are measured, the barcode system will validate their accuracy.
  • Once verified, the materials will be blended and allocated to the appropriate manufacturing machinery 
  • The manufacturing process comprises dissolution, charging, cooling, and filtration stages 
  • The formulated products will be filled into suitable packaging containers.


Appearance inspection and inspection of semi-finished and finished products:

  • Inspection of semi-finished and finished products for their colors, textures, and scents  
  • Microbial limit testing and preservative efficacy testing 
  • Determining product shelf-life through stability testing



  • After passing all tests and screening, the product is passed to the warehouse 
  • Products are shipped to our customers worldwide via our automated systems


Our manufacturing facilities are accredited to government norms and regulations round-theclock. Our manufacturing facilityand lab are in compliance with GMP, BSCI, ISO22716, FDA certified Registered

Embark on your baby care brand business with us, where we can bring any baby and kids products you envision to life.

What we provide

Baby Care Prodcuts 
Quality Control  

Baby Care Prodcuts Quality Control  Process

Raw Materials QC

Water content, Assay purity, Acid value, lodine value, Peroxide value, Melting point, Refractive index, Density microbial testing, Heavy metal analysis

Packaging QC

Simulated Tranist test, Label Adhesive strength test, Vacuum leak test, Declared content test,Cap screw and release (Torque) test, Component break (tensile) test

Product QC

Physio-chemical parameters tests, pH balance tests, Viscosity tests, Appearance tests, Odor tests, Microbial tests, Stability tests, Toxic elements determination

Shipping QC

Label approval, Barcode material identification system, Material information: date in, approve, release, in-store, and send alert for expiration

Production  Process

Product Production Process


Our chemists have many years of experience in formula research and development, and we also cooperate with some chemists in Korea and France, etc.

We prioritize safety and quality by sourcing high-quality raw materials, adhering to strict manufacturing processes, and conducting thorough quality control checks. Our products undergo rigorous testing and comply with relevant safety regulations and standards to ensure they are safe for infants and young children.

Yes, we understand the importance of using gentle and hypoallergenic ingredients in baby care products. Our formulations are carefully developed to be gentle on sensitive skin, minimizing the risk of allergies or irritations. We prioritize the use of non-toxic and dermatologically tested ingredients.

Our baby care products meet various certifications and standards, including safety certifications, such as ISO and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). We prioritize quality and compliance to provide products that meet the highest industry standards.

Our daily output exceeds 200,000 pieces. We generally deliver within 30 days, final delivery time also takes into account the order size, product complexity, and customization require ments, We work closely with our clients to provide accurate lead time estimates and ensure timely delivery.

No, we are committed to cruelty-free practices and do not perform animal testing on our products. We prioritize alternative testing methods and adhere to regulations that promote the welfare of animals.

Yes, we can provide relevant documentation and certifications, including Certificates of Analysis (COA), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and product testing reports. These documents ensure transparency and compliance with quality and safety standards.

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