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Private Label baby care

Tailored private label baby care
solutions for your brand's success.

About Xiran Baby Private Label

We offers a wide range of products and formulation services for your brand, working closelywith you to ensure quality and performance standards are met.

Your One-Stop-Shop for lnnovative, Cruelty-Free, and Expertly Formulated Private Label Cosmetics, Designed to Elevate Your Brand to New Heights of Success

Enable better profits for your brand

We can offer cost-effective and efficient solution for expanding your product line and reinforcing your brand.

  • Short product development cycle
  • Time-tested and stable product formulations
  • Custom Formulation 
  • Hassle-free product manufacturing and delivery

Why Choose Xiran Baby ?

By choosing Xiran Baby, you benefit from our expertise in custom formulations, our one-stop-shop services, and our quality assurance.


Our team of experienced chemists and product developers works closely with you to create customized, innovative, and high-performance cosmetics, Through tailored formulations, we help your brand stand out in the competitive cosmetics market.

End-to-End Services

We offer a complete range of services to simplify the private label process. From research and development to formulation, packaging design, production, and branding, ensuring efficient communication and a seamless experience for our clients.

Quality Assurance

At Xiran Baby, we adhere to the highest industry standards and regulations ensuring that your products are consistently safe effective and of the highest quality.

Private Label Process

From product selection to the final order, our entire process of baby care private label is created keeping the benefits and overall growth of our clients as the core focus.


Through consulting, we understand your market and product requirements & specifications.You come with a product concept specifications & requirements, You can propose :Formula or efficacy concept Packaging concept and specificationsProduct price range requirements etc

Custom Formulation

Create formulations that best fit your 
brand concept, your customer group, and 
market trends.
If you need help with formulation, 
packaging selection, or choosing active
ingredients, our team can advise you 
based on our stock formulations.  We can
also formulate a custom formulation upon 
your request.


Choose from an assortment of bottles, lids, tubes, caps and box designs.
We have everything you need when it come to baby care packaging for your brand


Flexible ordering production system and fast response production system to ensure your order efficient and timely delivery.

Quality Control

More than 10 auality control procedures and quality traceability system to ensure your products from raw material to finished product perfection and market approva .

Logistics & Shipping

We have long relationship with variety carriers. Worldwide shipping schemes are available, you can choose by sea, by train or by air with competitive cost.At the same time, if vou have your own fixed long-term cooperation carrier, we can cooperate with them very wel.

Provide Relevant Certificates

GMPC, ISO 22716,BSCL, FDA, MSDS, COA, also can help to do CPNP,CPSR, PIF certificate, Certificate of Free Sale, Certificate of Origin, Halal Certificate,SASO, etc, Can provide documentsrequired for importing cosmetics in your country to help you import and sel products without any obstacles.

VIP Service

At least 2 colleagues at the same time to follow up your product project, do perfect pre-salesale and after-sales service. We can also provide value-added services such as market research report, new hot product recommendation report and so on.

Starting your own baby care business today!

Starting your own baby
 care business today!

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Are you interested in Private Label but don’t <br>know where to start?

Here are FAQs to help guide you <br>through the process:

We specialize in third-party contract manufacturing of baby care, kids care, mother care and washing products. We offer private labeling services for your brand.

Our team of professionals has years of experience in the baby care industry. They are skilled, trained, and dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to our clients

Private labeling is the process of branding products that are manufactured by a third party. We can manufacture products for your brand and apply your own branding and labeling to the packaging.

Yes. We provide our clients with all the documented certifications for the products that are manufactured under their brands. Such as:
GMP Certificate
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet
Certificate of Free Sale and Manufacture

Our private label makeup goods are all produced according to FDA requirement, We don’tuse the ingredients that are prohibited from regulations.

Our private label makeup products are make-to-order so your shelf-life will keep the longest. We collect order from cosmetics brands around the world and manufacture them in our advanced production line.

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