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Private Label Vegan Baby Moisturizing Body Lotion


Elevate your baby’s skincare routine with our exclusive Private Label Vegan Baby Moisturizing Body Lotion. Immerse your little one in the luxury of lasting moisture that keeps their skin supple and hydrated all day long.

Feel the magic as this lotion transforms your baby’s skin, leaving it tender and soft, reminiscent of the delicate touch right out of the water. The texture is as light and clear as crystal-clear water, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable application.

Our advanced oil-in-water technology sets this lotion apart. It delicately wraps plant lipids, providing stability without the undesirable thick or sticky feel. Your baby’s skin will effortlessly absorb the lotion, leaving it feeling weightless and rejuvenated.

Enriched with the goodness of olive oil, our lotion not only provides relief but also maintains the skin’s stability. The inclusion of trehalose ensures immediate hydration, forming a natural water-locking film that keeps your baby’s skin naturally moisturized.

Choose a skincare companion that goes beyond the ordinary—our Private Label Vegan Baby Moisturizing Body Lotion. Let your baby revel in the purity of nature’s care, delivering a touch of love for their tender skin.

Net Wt: 180g

Packaging:Plastic bottle

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Baby Moisturizing Body Lotion key ingredients

Olive Oil:

Renowned for centuries, olive oil serves as a natural wonder in skincare. Beyond its emollient properties, it deeply nourishes and soothes the skin. Our Baby Moisturizing Body Lotion harnesses the power of olive oil to relieve dryness and discomfort while maintaining the skin's stability. Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, it promotes overall skin health, leaving your baby's delicate skin feeling silky smooth and beautifully cared for.


Nature's hydration hero, trehalose, takes center stage in our formulation. This remarkable ingredient provides immediate and long-lasting hydration to your baby's skin. Trehalose not only attracts moisture but also forms a natural water-locking film on the skin's surface. This film helps to retain essential hydration, creating a protective barrier that keeps your baby's skin moisturized, supple, and resilient. Experience the instant freshness and sustained hydration that trehalose brings to our Baby Moisturizing Body Lotion—nourishing your baby's skin from the very first application.

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How To Use Private Label Vegan Baby Moisturizing Body Lotion:

After bathing, don't wait up for long; pat your baby dry. Preferably use a cotton cloth to pat dry. After that, apply a small amount of lotion on their tiny palms, ankles, and elbows to lock in the moisture.


This product is for external use only. Do not contact with eyes. Please keep out of the reach of children. Not for use by children under three years of age.

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100% Vegan



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