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Private Label Body Wash and Shampoo with Avocado Oil


Baby Shampoo and Body Wash infused with avocado oil will gently clean your baby’s skin while nourishing it. Our formula is made of plant-derived ingredients that gently cleanse skin and hair without stripping away natural oils, which can cause dryness or irritation.

Perfect for maintaining the health and texture of your baby’s skin, this body wash, and shampoo will instantly become a staple in your baby’s routine. Infused with avocado, an antioxidant-rich fruit that is also packed with vitamins and nutrients.

This body wash can be used for babies with sensitive skin, as it is made with mild, plant-based ingredients, like aloe vera, chamomile, and rice extract.

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All-Natural Ingredients

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera contains humectants that is very beneficial for dry skin. Aloe specifically contains mucopolysaccharides, which bind moisture into the skin.


Chamomile contains powerful anti-oxidants including polyphenols and phytochemicals that help soothe irritated skin, redness, and itching.

Avocado Oil:

Packed with vitamins such as Vitamin E, C, K1, B5, B6, and E and is also rich in antioxidants like chlorophyll, carotenoids, folate, potassium, healthy omega 9, and trace minerals.

Rice Extract:

Some of the bioactive components of rice, including ferulic acid, PABA, and phytic acid extracts, are extremely nourishing as well as protect against UV rays.

Baby Wash with Avocado

How To Use Baby Body Wash Shampoo :

Pump a pea size amount into hand or washcloth. Gently apply to baby’s hair and skin. Rinse thoroughly.


For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly. Keep out of reach of children

Cruelty Free

100% Vegan



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