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Certificates Services


Certificate Services

Xiran skincare Can provide a variety of skin care products related production certification, product certification, import certification, market sales required certification, consumer market national policy record certification, so that your brand product market sales without hesitation to move forward.

Product Certification

Archival Filing Certification

Assist you to provide relevant documents to apply for product registration in your national Health Administration

Import Certification


Our chemists have many years of experience in formula research and development, and we also cooperate with some chemists in Korea and France, etc.

Yes. We at Bo International provide our clients with all the documented certifications for the products that are manufactured under their brands. Such as:

  • BSE Certificates
  • GMP Certificate
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • Certificate of Free Sale and Manufacture

Bo International is an ISO 22716 certified cosmetic manufacturer with the facilities of:

  • Automatic tube filling machine
  • Automatic bottle filling line
  • Shrink wrapping machine
  • Bottle Labeling
  • Coding machine

Bo International has experience of over a decade in cosmetic manufacturing. We have a huge potential and capabilities in formulating the products as per our client’s requirements. Some of our formulation capabilities are:

  • Over 3000 naturally-derived ingredients
  • Highly trained and experienced team of chemists
  • Best research labs
  • Stability tested formulation
  • Over 2000 fragrance options

The custom formulation is the creation of a product made exclusively for your brand or company to your specifications. At Bo International, our expert chemists will help you in choosing the right ingredients for your product formulations.

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